BROODING: The Heartland Chronicles Book One Andy Williamson
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About Andy

Since it would seem rather pretentious to write this brief profile of myself in the third person, I'll simply introduce myself.

My name is Andy Williamson.

I am an author, artist, and entertainment journalist who lives among the foothills of Colorado's gorgeous Rocky Mountains.

While most of my adult life was spent working in the printing industry – a vocation I came to despise – a few years ago I decided that I had no desire to climb any type of corporate ladder, was not interested in any type of 401K, and that my time here on Earth could only be fulfilling if I was doing what I was put here to do. Namely: write.

And so, after leaving that inky trade, I decided ...

SCREW IT! I'm going to follow my dream, follow my heart, no Plan B, all my eggs in one basket, I'm reaching for the stars, going for the gold, and will not rest until I get BROODING, my loooong--gestating first novel, published. Even if I had to live like a pauper (and I have) until it was done, I was doggedly determined to finish this very personal novel and see it in print. Probably not the wisest decision of my life, but then again, it's not exactly like I am known for making those on a regular basis.

It took me awhile – 20 years in fact – but I have now seen this dream come true.

If you have been intrigued by the synopsis of this novel, inspired by the perseverance it took to get it published, found your life choked by pain and heartache, or simply want to enjoy a good, long, emotional read, perhaps BROODING is story which can help you find your way again. Or at least entertain you for a few hours. That is my prayer.

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Andy Williamson
June 18th, 2010